How Your Favorite Theme Park Attractions Were Designed, According to a Disney Imagineer

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No hotel bookings yet for January 2024, says HRRACI president

CEBU CITY, Philippines — It is too early for now to identify the percentage of bookings in hotels in the city for the Sinulog in January 2024. That is according to the president of the Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Association of Cebu, Inc. (HRRACI). Alfred Reyes, HRRACI president, said in a phone interview on Tuesday, that as of November 28, there are still no hotel bookings for January 2024 in Metro Cebu. He said that earlier this year, the...

Remarkable photos of giant monuments in Canada

The Best Things to See and Do in Coron for Two Days

From having a nice day at a safari to enjoying island-hopping.

Cebu Pacific cancels flight going to Virac from Manila due to bad weather

MANILA, Philippines — Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) announced a flight cancellation on Monday due to bad weather. Below are the details of the canceled flight as of 9 a.m., as posted on MIAA’s official Facebook account: Cebu Pacific (5J) 5J 821/822 Manila-Virac-Manila According to Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration, the northeast monsoon, locally known as amihan, will affect parts of...

How to stop worrying about work during vacation

We all need and deserve proper breaks from work. Getting some time off to travel or just relax allows us to stay creative, healthy, and stop ourselves from drowning under a sea of work-related stress. However, setting firm work-life boundaries has become increasingly difficult in the modern world, where technology has made it all too easy to connect to our work. And for some, especially workaholics, the thought of missing work simply stresses them out! On the other hand, spending your entire vacation worrying about work is pretty pointless... Does this sound like you? Then check out this gallery for some much-needed tips.

Could skyscraper-studded Dubai benefit from hosting COP28?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — In a city known for its excesses, whether reaching toward the sky with the world’s tallest building or hard partying at its beach resorts and bars, Dubai has pulled off another record-breaking feat in the rolling dunes of its desert outskirts. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, named for the ruling sheikh of Dubai, stretches across some 122 square kilometers (47 square miles) and represents a pledge of...

Beyond Earth: NASA's Visual Journey Through the Solar System

Cities with the best weather in the world

These cities boast mild and warm climates throughout the seasons. They are also found in opposite sides and corners of the world, meaning you could visit a new place on different trips with guaranteed warmth and sunshine. Flick through this gallery to find out which cities enjoy a mild climate and are ideal to visit at any season, as well as the hottest cities in the world where you're guaranteed to break a sweat. Take a look!

NAIA unclaimed luggage, other items not for sale online

The Manila International Airport Authority has warned the public against a social media page selling left-behind items at the NAIA. The Manila International Airport Authority has warned the public against a social media page selling unclaimed luggage and other travelers' items at the NAIA. According to Joseph Morong's report on "24 Oras," the MIAA called the online promo a scam. The page which claimed to be NAIA's is offering the supposedly...

'Pinikpikan Cookout', tampok sa pagtatapos ng Ibagiw 2023

#PTVBalitaNgayonProbinsya | 'Pinikpikan Cookout', tampok sa pagtatapos ng Ibagiw 2023; Kaligtasan ng mga residente at turista, tiniyak ng BCPO; Wood carvers sa Baguio City, humihiling ng suporta ng pamahalaan

DOT: PH exceeds target with 2.65-m int’l tourists in 2022

The Philippines is boosting efforts to transform into a tourism powerhouse in Asia. Tourism department says, the country remains at par with its ASEAN neighbors. EJ Gomez tells us more. Visit our website for more #NewsYouCanTrust: Follow our social media pages: • Facebook: • Instagram: • Twitter:

'No Registration, No Travel’ policy, epektibo na sa susunod na linggo; Mga sasakyang hindi rehistrado, hindi na puwedeng bumiyahe

'No Registration, No Travel’ policy, epektibo na sa susunod na linggo; Mga sasakyang hindi rehistrado, hindi na puwedeng bumiyahe

12 crew members missing, 1 dead after cargo ship sinks off Greek island

ATHENS, Greece — A cargo ship sank off the Greek island of Lesbos in stormy seas early Sunday, leaving one crew member dead, 12 missing and one rescued, authorities said. The Raptor, registered in Comoros, was on its way to Istanbul from Alexandria, Egypt, carrying 6,000 tons of salt, the coast guard said. It had a crew of 14, including eight Egyptians, four Indians and two Syrians, the coast guard said. The ship reported a mechanical problem at...

This city has become one of the loneliest in Canada

'PH best door to Asia'

ITALIAN Ambassador to Manila Marco Clemente said the Philippines is the "best door" to Asia for a European, as he described Filipinos as one of the "best integrated communities" in Italy. The ambassador said that he is happy that he will end his foreign service career in the Philippines. "I cannot think of a better way to wrap it up. I was interested in serving in this part of the world. But the Philippines is the best door to Asia for a...

Pinakamatandang elepante sa Manila Zoo na si Vishwa Ma'ali, pumanaw na | 24 Oras

24 Oras is GMA Network’s flagship newscast, anchored by Mel Tiangco, Vicky Morales and Emil Sumangil. It airs on GMA-7 Mondays to Fridays at 6:30 PM (PHL Time) and on weekends at 5:30 PM. For more videos from 24 Oras, visit #GMAIntegratedNews #KapusoStream Breaking news and stories from the Philippines and abroad: GMA Integrated News Portal: Facebook: TikTok: Twitter: Instagram: GMA Network Kapuso programs on GMA Pinoy TV:

The triumph and tragedy that is Mount Everest

The news has many times underlined the inherent dangers faced by mountaineers attempting to summit the world's highest peak, which can result in triumph or tragedy. Yet, the numerous accidents registered on Mount Everest don't scare the ones avid for the top. Browse this gallery and be reminded of the highs and lows associated with this legendary Himalayan mountain.

The wonderful wetlands of the United States

America's wetlands, bogs, swamps, and marshes usually get a bad rap. They've been associated with humid, mosquito-infested, alligator-haunted areas of horrors for a large portion of history, and some today still hold that misconception. In truth, the wetlands of the United States, and the world at large, are some of the most beautiful, fascinating, and important ecosystems there are. More than where to find mosquitos and scary reptiles, they are also home to innumerable species of birds, butterflies, and fish. And to put aesthetics aside altogether, wetlands are also some of the hardest-working ecosystems in the world. They filter our air, fortify our coastlines, and blunt the damage that violent storms can bring. Intrigued? Then click on to take a look at some of America's most magnificent wetlands.

Remembering the Moskva: How did Ukraine sink Moscow’s Black Sea flagship?

Destinations on Earth where Apollo astronauts trained for the Moon

When John F. Kennedy delivered his famous "We choose to go to the Moon" speech on September 12, 1962, the US President set in motion a national goal of landing a man on the Moon before 1970. Thus was born the Apollo program. But long before Neil Armstrong could take his "one small step for man" on July 20, 1969, dozens of astronauts went through years of rigorous training to get a sense of what space would be like. To make this instruction as realistic as possible, sites were chosen on Earth that looked eerily similar to the lunar surface. But where is this unworldly terrain, and who are the men who trained there? Click through and discover destinations of Earth where Apollo astronauts trained for the Moon.

An all-day dining experience at Marco Polo Plaza’s Cafe Marco

A feast for the senses awaits at Marco Polo Plaza’s Cafe Marco, offering an enticing all-day dining experience that promises to delight the taste buds. Starting November 23, 2023, this culinary haven invites guests to indulge in diverse cuisines, from the rich and aromatic flavors of Asia to the comforting familiarity of Western delicacies. A Gastronomic Adventure Throughout the Day Cafe Marco caters to every mealtime desire. And breakfast at...

Elevated entertaining: Hosting memorable gatherings

Hosting an event? It's not just about logistics; it's akin to conducting a symphony! In our world of elevated hospitality, we're not just thinking about guests—we're weaving them into the very fabric of the occasion. From the first invite that lands in their inbox to the last little token they leave with, each detail is a piece of a thoughtful puzzle. Ready to become the best host ever? Swipe through to learn how you can be the perfect host of an event that will leave your guests in pure bliss!

American words and their British equivalents

The British may have given the US their language, but that doesn't mean Americans speak exactly the same way. Vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling differences have continuously emerged since the US territory was originally settled by British pioneers. In case you haven't spent much time distinguishing between these two versions of the English language, here's a small crash course in the differences you may encounter between the two variations. Check out these 80 American English words and their British counterparts!

Twice the acclaim: Mactan-Cebu and Clark Airports

TWO Philippine airports have, so far, brought renown to Philippine design and infrastructure: Clark International Airport (CRK) — a finalist in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) Architecture and Design Awards recently — and Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) Terminal 2, which has garnered multiple international design awards since opening in 2018. The award-winning Mactan-Cebu International...

A look inside London's award-winning £42 per night hotel

The hotel that's cheaper than my commute.

Exploring the Creative City of Gastronomy— Iloilo! | Unang Hirit

PANGMALAKASANG ILONGGO DISHES, ATING TIKMAN! Saan ka man lumingon sa Iloilo City, bubungad sayo ang kabi-kabilang masasarap na Ilonggo dishes! Ano-ano kaya ang natikman ni food explorer Chef JR Royol na bago sa panlasa niya? Alamin sa video na ito.

Botanical Garden in Baguio adopts Christmas theme with various features

Botanical Garden in Baguio adopts Christmas theme with various features

Places in the US that look like alien planets

Space travel—it’s unbelievably cool, but most of us won’t ever have the opportunity to check out alien planets. Lucky for you, the Earth is vast and strange, and that means it has a host of otherworldly landscapes just waiting for your exploration. There are plenty in the US alone, which means there’s no spaceship—or passport—required.

Historic battlefields you can visit

Battlefields serve as a permanent reminder of some of history's bloodiest military engagements. The bucolic landscapes we see today were once stained with the blood of hundreds, sometimes thousands, felled in the throes of mortal combat. Preserved for posterity, these conflict locations remain hallowed turf, historical landmarks of past campaigns and encounters, many of which influenced the outcome of world wars. Click through and tread the fields of history's bloodiest battles.

David Licauco spends some time off in Boracay

Our Pambansang Ginoo is having a well-deserved break in one of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines. On Instagram, David Licauco shared some shirtless photos taken on the beach side of Shangri-La Boracay. In the photos, the Kapuso star could be seen nursing a glass of wine as he lounged by the beach. He simply captioned his post with a beach with an umbrella emoji. Last month, David graced the cover of Preview magazine, where he looked...

Awe-inspiring sunsets from around the world

One major 2022 find in Italy offered new insights into European history

Pivotal events that changed America as we knew it

The rapid advancement of photography during the 20th century means that historic events can be easily recorded and spread. This enables us to reflect on and learn from our past in a more immediate and visceral way. To that end, let's take a look back at some of the events that changed America and were caught on camera. Click through the gallery to get started.

Ivory Coast tourist haven battles coastal erosion and rogue waves

ASSINIE, Ivory Coast — On a shrinking strip of beach in southeast Ivory Coast, hotel owner Habib Hassan Nassar has to stack thousands of sandbags each week to protect his property from the rising sea. Thanks to the meters-high sandbag barricade, the Kame Surf Camp hotel clings to its section of beach in the resort of Assinie, even as the waves hem the hotel in on three sides and, in a recent surge, devastated the businesses of its neighbors....

The 30 countries with the most cultural influence

The world is made up of nearly 200 countries, which all come with their own unique cultures. However, if the traditions and norms of a country are considered "cool" in another country, it's said to have cultural influence. Countries that command cultural influence are often synonymous with leading the way in areas like food, lifestyle, and/or fashion. Their music, television shows, and movies are also absorbed by other cultures, becoming part of a wider global conversation. Intrigued? From India to Denmark, click on to see if your country is a cultural influencer around the world.

Brazil's coolest coastal destinations

Brazil is the largest country in South America. It faces the Atlantic Ocean along 4,600 mi (7,400 km) of mostly tropical coastline, and that's good news for anyone seeking a sun, sea, and fun vacation in this vast nation known for its friendly and welcoming character. But in such a big place, where can you find the coolest coastal destinations? Pack your bags and click through for ideas of where to go and what to see!

DOT eyes to boost golf tourism in PH

DOT eyes to boost golf tourism in PH

Expeditions that changed the course of history

North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia: these were all once lands untouched by Europeans. The day that men set off to explore the world changed everything for everyone. The period between the 15th and 18th centuries, perhaps wrongly named the Age of Discovery due to the fact that many of the lands were already inhabited, saw Europeans spread across the globe. Even after these impactful explorations, humans have continued to adventure to faraway places, even to the sky and the Moon. From Columbus to Armstrong, here are the most important expeditions that changed the world.

This is how much it costs to live on a luxury cruise ship year-round

These are the oldest cities in the US

Although the US didn't achieve independence from Great Britain until 1776, many cities in the country were established much earlier. From North to South, Spanish, French, and English colonizers began arriving at the shores of the US in the early 16th century to establish settlements, some of which still exist today. But while these settlements grew into cities, it's important to note that most occupied lands had been settled long before by Indigenous peoples. Are you curious about what the oldest cities in the US are? Click on to discover the 15 oldest cities in the US that still exist and thrive today.

Explore the mystical beauty of Southern Cebu (Full episode) | Biyahe ni Drew

Aired (November 26, 2023): Join Biyahero Drew as he uncovers the mysteries hidden in Southern Cebu’s must-visit scenic spots.

The Top 20 National Parks in Australia

What exactly was the Treaty of Tordesillas?

In June 1494, a document was created that effectively divided the newly 'discovered' lands outside Europe between the Portuguese Empire and the Spanish Empire. Known as the Treaty of Tordesillas, this agreement between the two maritime superpowers would have a profound effect on world history, and prove disastrous for millions. But what exactly did this medieval treaty entail, and who benefitted from it? Click through and find out more about this remarkable but controversial alliance.

Leaked documents reveal Russian airlines are slowly collapsing

My Beloved: Full Episode 66 (Stream Together)

Rico's (Alden Richards) loyalty is put to the test when his passenger unintentionally leaves the bag containing expensive jewelry.

Higit 80 exhibitors mula sa iba’t ibang rehiyon sa bansa, nakilahok sa North Luzon Travel Expo sa Baguio City

Higit 80 exhibitors mula sa iba’t ibang rehiyon sa bansa, nakilahok sa North Luzon Travel Expo sa Baguio City

Seat Sale Alert: Fly to Boracay, Bohol, Palawan, + More for as Low as P399

International destinations are also on sale.

AirAsia offers 22% off on all seats and flights, with fares as low as P79 until Dec. 3

Did you spend the long weekend planning your next vacation? You can turn your travel plans into a reality without breaking the bank as AirAsia is offering a 22% discount on all its seats and flights in celebration of its 22nd birthday. From Nov. 27 to Dec. 3, domestic flights to Iloilo, Davao, Boracay, and more start at P79. International one-way b...

Halos 100,000 ang turista sa Baguio ngayong long weekend, ayon sa City Tourism Office

24 Oras is GMA Network’s flagship newscast, anchored by Mel Tiangco, Vicky Morales and Emil Sumangil. It airs on GMA-7 Mondays to Fridays at 6:30 PM (PHL Time) and on weekends at 5:30 PM. For more videos from 24 Oras, visit #GMAIntegratedNews #KapusoStream Breaking news and stories from the Philippines and abroad: GMA Integrated News Portal: Facebook: TikTok: Twitter: Instagram: GMA Network Kapuso programs on GMA Pinoy TV: